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Passion of the day – Bali Photography

10:04 am | Aug 11, 2011 | 5,017 views

Whatever captured photography website of Benny Risanto :D

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Virtuoso Productions

7:01 pm | Nov 5, 2010 | 5,458 views

Bali based high quality production equipment company. Successfully coordinated many international corporate and private events in Bali. Virtuoso Bali aspires to be a company providing services to supersede any other within Indonesia.

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Pernik Bali

5:19 pm | Mar 23, 2007 | 5,834 views

All of our products are hand-made by local artisans in Bali, Indonesia, using natural and locally made materials, such as wood, shell, and glass.

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Woowa Jewellery

6:52 pm | Nov 16, 2006 | 4,423 views

Woowa Jewellery is a unique collection of stylish jewellery, which is not available in the high street.

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  • Top 6 Fun Things To Do by Locals in Jimbaran | BeeAmazing: […] Sunday morning at 6am, Benny with his #jimbaRUN community gather at the Puri Gading round about. They will take you to discover the beautifu
  • Karma Steak House at Karma Jimbaran | Wisata Kuliner Bali: […] yang Bart pesan lebih menggoda lagi, dan saya harus ‘kuat iman’ untuk tidak makan semua yang […]
  • bartcatapult: Makasih mas, untuk trek downhill atau mountain bike pasti ada jalur sendiri kata temen, tidak ke puncak kayaknya
  • Bagus: wah keren nih viewnya di mountbatur, memungkinkan gak areanya buat gowes ya?
  • bartcatapult: hahaha, my pleasure dude, enjoy your new adventure to Rinjani, enjoy the trekking, enjoy you summit attack!, and offcourse enjoy fishing on the Segara

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